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He had been healed by Benny and many regarding the Chairmen after becoming harmed by an impulse grenade. Following this experience, follower from the Apocalypse manhood Emily Ortal examined the securitron in order to find out Mr. House’s tips in return for reprogramming him for Benny’s private usage. [1]

The reprogramming was substantial, and resulted in yes-man being built to perform exactly as he can be informed; thus, Yes Man is not merely this system’s identity, also, it is his or her tasks profile. Yes Man is entirely incompetent at declining any order or withholding any details he will be requested, whatever just who he could be reaching. Benny’s organize was to lose Mr. premises and download Yes Man’s A.I. on top of the fortunate 38 mainframe, putting Yes Man (by extension, themselves) in control of the securitrons the remove. Yes-man’s principal purpose were incorporate his or her link to Mr. Houses‘ internal listings and feed important records to Benny so the guy could be a stride before home. [2]

After driving these directories, Yes Man uncovered different exact data concerning the Strip’s defensive skills and plans to arrange a Courier to deliver a platinum processor chip. After providing this information to Benny, yes-man served to notify your of all the actions, introduction and leaving instances and likely ambush areas where the processor chip just might be restored and also the Courier dumped without Mr. House finding out of Benny’s activities. This info creates Benny recruiting members of the truly amazing Khans and journeying south within the Goodsprings Cemetery just where these people properly get and neutralize the Courier, stealing the processor and burying the Courier, making the company’s abductee to perish. Benny shortly betrays his or her entourage, making those to cope on their own contrary to the NCR in Boulder urban area and earnings towards Strip in which this individual idles about in the surfaces flanked by his particular depth. [3]

As soon as the Courier arrives on remove, Yes Man will divulge all Benny’s plans to usurp electricity and offer his or her work to this brand new introduction. If your platinum chip happens to be healed, yes-man is going to reveal the complete scope of their intends to get rid of Mr. House and change him, choosing to offer the Courier by any means if and when they be successful. Continued without Benny, Yes Man will happily offer the Courier and often will adhere to any demand granted, basically giving the Courier full control over the Strip and allowing any strategies to be taken on the other groups rivaling towards Mojave Wasteland. Although yes-man would give his thought and suggestions about the way to handle other communities, the particular groups that has to in the course of time become presented are either the NCR as well as the Legion dependent upon the possibilities made. [4]

The moment the Courier’s electrical power and relationships are generally solidified, yes-man’s next thing would be to turn on a legion of updated Securitron Mk Two’s, making use of the platinum chip to spread this software to every one energetic Securitrons, creating their own offensive and preventative possibilities. Prior to the definitive confrontation at Hoover Dam, yes-man will be needing an override chip is set up in the NCR entertained El Dorado substation, planning to deviate capability to the fortunate 38’s dormant reactor thus getting a crucial ideal stage for strength should Hoover Dam be damaged or wrecked throughout the battle.

Yes Man will likewise inquire the Courier to recruit some help from the supporters associated with the Apocalypse even though this is definitely recommended. As soon as the preparing is done, the very last confrontation may result in the Courier diverting power from your Dam for the Securitron military on uphold beneath The Fort, beating the Legion and betraying the NCR, getting rid of both groups and lead a „certainly separate“ brand new Vegas as at first pictured by Benny, utilizing the actions manufactured by the Courier for a long time shaping the Mojave. [5] [6]


Yes-man is definitely at first located in Benny’s selection for the surfaces casino. To gain accessibility yes-man, the Courier must either kill Benny when you look at the casino, sleep with him (requires the dark Widow bonus), existing Swank with proof of Benny’s treachery, or confront him and push him or her to run away from around the Fort.

To get Yes Man, enter in the Tops casino and continue directly in advance further than the casino carpet around the lift lender (near to the evidence saying „Elevators out of Order“). Make use of the moment elevator regarding the to the 13th flooring. Exit the elevator, turn correct, and enter in the third couple of entrances throughout the remaining section of the hallway (double gates with potted bushes flanking these people). Go fully into the space and through the gap in the wall in the back of the area.

Bash professional characteristics completes Ring-a-Ding-Ding, Yes Man could be based in the entrance for the covers casino, where the Courier can engage him or her to keep the questline whenever they therefore choose.


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