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Well being

Total well being

Conclusions from Eurofounda€™s European lifestyle Survey (EQLS) show that a lot of the well being indicators for Slovakia bring remained relatively stable recently, are usually somewhat below her EU28 averages. However, the WHO-5 cerebral welfare list keeps enhanced in Slovakia, from 59 information last year to 67 information in 2016, are also greater than the EU28 average of 64 (on a scale of 1a€“100).

The express of participants stating troubles when making ends meet keeps fluctuated in recent times in Slovakia. In 2003, 59percent of participants have issues making finishes satisfy in Slovakia, lowering to 43% in 2007, and growing once again to 71% in 2011. In 2016, the display had decreased once again to 64per cent, but leftover considerably over the equivalent EU28 typical of 39per cent.

Work-life balances

Work-life balance relevant problems are fairly less common in Slovakia than typically inside the EU. As an instance, in 2016, 51per cent of respondents in Slovakia comprise also worn out from try to perform house jobs at the very least repeatedly a month, compared to 59percent the EU28. In addition, in 2016, 34percent of respondents in Slovakia experienced troubles to fulfil family duties due to work at the very least a couple of times 30 days, which had been slightly below the EU average of 38%. However, the smallest amount of common worka€“life balance challenge got having difficulties to concentrate where you work caused by household obligations, reported by 21per cent of participants in Slovakia in 2016, which had been somewhat more than the EU28 medium of 19%.

Quality of community service

Top-notch general public providers

High quality rankings for seven general public providers

Mention: level of 1-10, Resource: EQLS 2016.

The recognized top-notch a lot of general public services has increased in recent years in Slovakia. Including, the detected top-notch fitness providers has increased from 3.7 in 2003 to 5.6 in 2016, improving towards the EU28 medium of 6.7 (on a scale of 1a€“10). Similarly, the typical quality standing for trains and buses increasing from 3.9 in 2003 to 6.3 in 2016, acquiring closer to the EU28 medium of 6.6. Their state retirement program in Slovakia was given the lowest high quality rank of 3.6 in 2016. Childcare services gained the very best quality rating regarding 6.4 near 2016, that has been also close to the respective EU28 average of 6.7.


  • Writer: Ludovit Cziria
  • Establishment: Institute for Work and Family Members Data
  • Posted on: tuesday, August 13, 2021

This profile defines the key features of employed lives in Slovakia It will accentuate different EurWORK analysis, by providing the relevant credentials home elevators tissues, institutions and related regulations regarding functioning lives. This can include signs, information and regulatory programs on the soon after factors: actors and associations, collective and specific job interaction, health and health, cover, operating opportunity, abilities and education, and equivalence and non-discrimination working. The pages were updated annually.

Features a€“ performing lifestyle in 2020

Shows a€“ performing lifestyle in 2020

Creator: Ludovit Cziria, Rastislav BednA?rik and Daniela KeA?elovA? establishment: Institute for labor and household ResearchHighlights upgraded on: 16 March 2021Working paper: Slovakia: performing life when you look at the COVID-19 pandemic 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant influence on the economic climate as well as on the people of Slovakia in 2020. The general public endured financially and socially through the limiting procedures launched to guard peoplea€™s fitness. To protect work, the state given financial alongside service to businesses, freelance group and folks with no earnings. Even though service was not regarded as adequate by receiver to pay for employersa€™ missing revenue and employeesa€™ destroyed wages, they aided to alleviate job cuts. According to estimates, gross domestic item dropped by about 6% therefore the unemployment rate was close to 7% in 2020.

The fresh new national, developed in March 2020, handled the various surf of pandemic with differing amounts of victory. The first wave was handled (initially from the previous government) fairly really. At this stage, Slovakia have the lowest rate of COVID-19-related fatalities from inside the EU. The 2nd wave hit the country more challenging and very easily when you look at the autumn. Government entities made an effort to control the situation by over and over repeatedly prolonging the state of disaster, carrying-out routine mass screening and imposing lockdowns of varying severity. Despite these efforts in addition to other procedures used, the pandemic scatter fast and caused severe stress on the medical program in particular. There seemed to be a large rise in the quantity of COVID-19-related fatalities between September and December 2020.

Whenever following changes in laws, the federal government often decided not to talk to personal couples and, in practice, tripartite social dialogue wouldn’t are employed in 2020. Improvement had been made to the work laws, which were considered because of the trade unions to affect the versatility of relationship of staff. Recommended amendments into Tripartite work will establish inequality in terms of the representativeness of social couples during the tripartite financial and Social Council.

Thinking about these advancements in 2020, it may be presumed your appropriate issues will affect employed life in Slovakia in 2021: the COVID-19 pandemic and how properly the united states is able to mitigate its impacts; the impact for the pandemic regarding the economy as well as the overall performance of people; the successful implementation of methods to keep up job; the contribution of social dialogue, particularly tripartite personal discussion, from inside the form of essential modifications to laws; a reduction in tensions involving the authorities therefore the Confederation of Trade Unions associated with the Slovak Republic; together with servicing of social serenity.

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