The one from Levoca is dependant on Julia Korponayova, exactly who, when spying your Hapsburg emperor in Levoca, a town that has escort services in Victorville been presently besieged because of the Hapsburg army outside its wall space, became the partner of rebel Hungarian baron. During the night time, she took their tactics, and allow army in, ultimately causing the fall of town. This failed to end this lady from satisfying an unfortunate end, however.

Juraj Janosik

Regarded as the Slovak Robin bonnet for reputedly taking from the wealthy to offer for the bad, Janosik try a precious figure in Slovak folk art. He offered rise to numerous tales, myths, and is also a continuing mainstay of Slovak literature. Noted for his courage as a soldier so when a symbol of resistence, Janosik is equally important by Poles; but Janosik’s roots lies in Terchova a€“ an urban area in Northern Slovakia. Tales nearby him run aplenty, regarding their faultless figure as an outlaw with an intention. One of many better known you’re Janosik’s Fist, including their abuse of an arrogant tyrant on a boulder.


After master Philip of Spis palace slain the daughter of a Polish monarch, legend keeps they your Polish king tried payback by killing King Philip’s daughter Barbora. While Barbora and her sis Hedviga had been alone during the castle, the Polish master snatched the palace. Hedviga, assuming this lady aunt to be dead, hopped from castle’s greatest tower. After she got, a mysterious face made an appearance on a wall regarding the palace that will be thought to bear a striking resemblance to Hedviga.

Additional tales consist of:

  • The Virgin Tower, featuring about a certain knight, Nicolas, whose bride found the girl tragic conclusion from a tower into the Devin Castle.
  • Three Twigs of King SvA¤topluk, regarding the big Moravia king’s course of energy through unity.
  • The Well of Love, including a Turkish good reclaiming his admiration by digging a properly for years until it attained drinking water, as well as how their attempts happened to be rewarded.
  • Bratislava palace, concerning inquisitive information about why the palace have these interesting traits.

Slovak flicks

Just what better way in order to get a sense of Slovak lifestyle than to view they; here we point one some remarkable films and filmmakers to recover from Slovakia because the Oscar-winning store regarding High Street first offered a clue of the country’s tremendous filmmaking skill.

If you have a gentle spot for European art-house theatre, you’ll want to change your own look to Slovak films in addition to their lots of auteur filmmakers. Ignited of the globally brand new trend motion which occurred elsewhere for the 60s, Slovak filmmakers together with her Czech counterparts lead several classics to world cinema while portraying exclusive setting and put.

Slovak movies during the 1960s gave surge to many innovative films, influencing years of filmmakers since; these success are specially note-worthy taking into consideration the limiting environment wherein films are produced, relying because they performed on condition approval. (Unsurprisingly, most lauded flicks are prohibited at that time.)

With a penchant for experimentation, Slovak films dabbled in surrealism, magical realism, and avant-garde shooting methods. Dazzling montages, theatrical strategies, puppetry (a Czech and Slovak custom) and mime basically some of the sites of Slovak filmmaking at its finest.

Beginning with the drama Shop on standard (1966), which claimed an Oscar for its humane depiction regarding the union between conscience plus the force commit against they during WWII even though the country briefly offered as a German puppet state, Slovak filmmakers posses created a record of movies which happen to be as poignant because they are aesthetically pleasing. What is actually actually fascinating this is how Slovak filmmakers usually heal serious subjects with a deftness and wry love of life that, piece by piece, seems to encapsulate the feeling of the country.


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